Vaginal Tightening Treatment

Our laser vaginal tightening procedure is a non-surgical laser procedure designed to tighten the tissues of your pelvic area.

Many women experience a loss of elasticity in this area following child birth or as a consequence of ageing (vaginal atrophy). This can lead to a decrease in sensation, as well as other undesirable effects.

Many women are unhappy with the condition of their vaginas after childbirth or vaginal atrophy due to:

  • A lack of sensation during intercourse
  • Dryness and itchiness (which can occur with ageing and menopause)
  • Incontinence/LBL (light bladder leakage)

How can I tighten my vagina?

Here at Hunter Laser Centre in Kotara, Newcastle we offer a non-surgical and incision-less treatment for vaginal tightening. This treatment is sometimes referred to as vaginal rejuvenation and is virtually pain-free. It can be performed as a rapid procedure with very little downtime. It’s important to know that this treatment is very similar to laser therapy on any other part of the body and is completely safe, using our Er:YAG non-ablative laser.

Our team will go to great lengths to ensure that you are comfortable during your procedure and welcome any questions that you may have.

The laser tightening procedure

The procedure will involve the use of our smooth mode Er:YAG laser applied  to the vaginal walls. The laser will be inserted through the vaginal opening and laser light is applied to the mucosal tissue of the vagina. Shrinkage of the mucosal tissue improves overall support and vaginal tightness. The treatment regenerates important structures which are responsible for maintaining vaginal elasticity. Most treatments only require one hour in our clinic, but the beneficial effects will continue to develop over the ensuing 6 months as collagen and tissue tightness is restored.

Benefits of the vaginal tightening procedure

The vaginal tightening procedure can help with many common female problems:

  • It can improve sensation during sexual intercourse
  • It can restore the tightness of your vagina after childbirth
  • The laser can reduce the effects of menopause on the vagina

This treatment can even be performed if you plan to have another child in the future.

Vaginal tightening after childbirth can reduce LBL

Ageing, as well as damage to the pelvic muscles, can also result in LBL (light bladder leakage) which can be an embarrassing condition for many women. This condition involves unintentional bladder leakage which many women ‘manage’ with pads, incontinence rings, medication and surgery. You can avoid these alternative treatments by opting for our non-invasive laser treatment.

Vaginal Tightening Treatment

If you find that you experience LBL when you sneeze, exercise or during basic activity please take a look at our LBL procedure.

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